How I Cured my Insomnia

Hi Everyone, I have personally gone through the frustration of not getting proper sleep or falling asleep fast several times in the past but with some techniques and determination I was able to overcome this problem and now want to share the secret with all of you who have this problem as I know how bad it could be.

Till few years back, I was not able to sleep fast and was remaining awake till late at nights sometimes even till 3-4 A.M and the next day due to less sleep I used to feel heavy and that affected my mood as well as performance at work the next day. I’m sure most of you can identify with this problem.

How I cured it?:

1) Don’t Try Hard to Sleep: The First and foremost thing to remember is -Don’t Try Hard to Sleep: This is the mistake I made as I was always tensed what if I can’t get sleep fast? what will happen next day if I don’t get enough sleep? I must get to sleep fast…and blah blah blah…If you think too much about the above points, you are putting yourself under pressure to sleep, which in turn get your body and mind tensed which result in you not getting sleep.

Best way is to just relax your body and think as if you are only trying to get rid of all the fatigue from the day’s work and just want to relax at the bed. Don’t really think about getting a sleep or not getting a sleep at all. This worked wonders for me and it works almost all the time.

2) No worries at bed time: We all have worries in our life. But going to bed thinking about them will never make you sleep fast. Finalize a time well before going to bed till when you will be thinking or discussing about issues and then stop thinking about them before you go to bed. I know it may sound tough, but believe me there’s a trick which I used and it will work for you as well. If you are really not able to stop thinking about a negative thing or worried about something, just say to yourself you are not going solve it at that time of the night by overthinking it, instead dstart thinking about some positive or Happy moment you had that day or previous day which puts a smile to your face, no matter how small it may have been. Trust me thinking about a positive or happy thought will neutralize the tension or worry you might have and will relax your mind and body which get you fall asleep fast.

3) Meditation and Yoga: This did wonders for me as I do meditate and do Pranayam daily. Pranayam are a set of breathing and meditating yoga techniques which can help do wonders to a person’s body and mind. Though I can write a book about this on how it can help cure so many physical and mental ailments as I and my family members are doing it for several years now but since this blog is all about sleeping, I’ll stick to only those Techniques that are relevant to how to go to sleep faster.

So here are two sets of Pranayam that I do daily that have done wonders for me as regards getting my mind relaxed and falling asleep fast:

A) Anulom Vilom Pranayam. Its very simple you just need to sit in normal posture, and then take your right hand up with the thumb close the right nostril, inhale from the left nostril, then close the left nostril and exhale from the right. Then inhale from the right, close the right nostril, and exhale from the left. Keep repeating it. Doing it for just 5-10 minutes in the evening can get you a great sleep. If you have too much worries you can do more like 10-20 minutes or even more. Its recommended to do while in empty stomach, just before you take dinner.

Here is a video of Anulom Vilom Pranayam:

B) Bhramri Pranayam:

Just Sit in normal posture, close your eyes. Now lift both your hands and put your fingers on forehead and your thumbs on both the ears to close them. Now Take a deep breath and exhale while saying Om and listen to the vibration of the Om while exhaling. You can do this preferably just after Anulom Vilom but you can do it a few times just before going to sleep as it calms the mind a lot.

Here is a Video on Bhramri Pranayam:

4) Think Positive: Finally, nothing can help more than having a positive thinking which can not only help you get a good sleep but also really change your life in a better way. Don’t think about negative things, don’t think bad about any person(that actually hurts you than them). Also be positive that even if you don’t get enough sleep some day, the world will not end for you. Worrying about not getting enough sleep causes a lot more harm than actually not getting enough sleep.

5) Make Sure your Home is at a peaceful location: I have faced this situation so I know how hard it is for some of you who have a place which is not quiet, is close to traffic having sounds from vehicles or a noisy neighborhood which actually hamper a peaceful sleep at night. If you just can’t move out of there or the situation is not that bad, just change your attitude towards the sounds and remain calm with the help of above techniques. If however the situation is too bad, I would strongly recommend moving out to a new home to a peaceful location. I know its hard but it can be done, after all, its your life you must take action to improve it.

I’m sure most of you will find at least some of the above points that will actually help you get a good night’s sleep and answer your query regarding How to go to Sleep Faster.

Please do share if this helps you as nothing will give me more happiness than actually seeing people getting benefited from what I wrote above as its 100% based upon my own experience on how I myself cured this sleeping problem for myself. I’,m sure if I can solve it, you will too!