how to sleep longer & better

In Addition to using the points that I mentioned in my main page and the Yoga techniques mentioned there, what I have found is that for a longer and better sleep you must have some sort of physical activity that tires your body. If you body is not tired, you can’t get a longer and better sleep.

For those whose work involve lot of physical exertion, or lot of travelling, they can easily get a long and better sleep(unless they are very worried). But for the majority of you who are reading my blog, I’m sure mostly work on computers for long hours(just like me), do a lot of mental work and hardly get any physical exertion, for them-Its very important to do some sort of physical activity daily. You can join a gym, a swimming session, jog, do morning or evening walk daily. I make sure to walk at least 1.5-2 kms daily and this did help me get a longer and better sleep.

If you did something that helped you, feel free to share it here so that others can benefit too.