how to sleep with a stuffy nose

Now this one is really tough. No matter how peaceful or happy you might be feeling(which normally helps you go to sleep faster, but if you have a stuffy nose its really a nightmare to go to sleep fast.

One trick that always works when its one of the nostril that is causing main problem while the other is free, is to lie to the side opposite the stuffed nostril. This way the stuffed nostril does clear up soon. However in most cases, then the other nostril to which side you are lying becomes stuffed. So the trick is to do this: As soon as the congested nose clears(and before the other nose gets congested) turn to lie Straight on your back and then try to sleep on your back with both nose cleared. This has worked for me many times(unless I have severe congestion where it does not work that well). Try it and see…

In addition, do this Acupressure technique to relieve Nasal Congestion:
Use both your middle fingers beside both of your nostrils and then place your index fingers next to them. Then press with your fingers just below your cheekbones for some time. Even better, if you take deep breath between intervals while doing this. This does help in clearing a stuffed nose in most cases.